Sunday, September 5, 2010

My New Home

My initial reaction of Granada was mixed. The city has a gasoline smell, it can get very hot, and it is kinda dirty and smelly at times. I am not used to the lack of foliage and just plain ol' grass. There are apartments everywhere and buzzing scooters whipping around corners. Women are beautiful and tan and all the men look like models. There is no air conditioning in most places and people are frugal with their electricity. People hang out at bars and outdoor restaurants and not their homes. It is a common greeting to kiss on both cheeks. The accent is heavy and people are very direct. To get from one side of the city to the other you have to walk. There is no carpet in the homes and you have to wear flip flops or slippers everywhere. Most people look very european and there are hardly any foreigners.

One thing I do know for sure, I'm not in Minnesota anymore.

Whatever my initial and continuing reaction of the city may be, I am loving the change. I do not feel like a tourist in this city and it is starting to feel like home. Surprisingly, the language switch came very easily for me and I do not feel foolish making mistakes.

My Señora is patient and always eager to correct and help. She makes the most wonderful mix of Italian and Spanish food. Her accent is easy for me to understand because she is from Argentina and has a much more neutral accent. My roommate is awesome and we get along great. The three of us have a great time at our hour-long lunches and dinners.

Walking everywhere has given me a new appreciation for motorized vehicles and my bike. It was only yesterday (Sept. 4) that I developed my first blister.

The life here is amazing. Most people have lunch at 2pm. We eat at 2:30pm because our class schedule. After lunch, because it is so hot outside, people generally take a siesta or just stay indoors. Most of the time I sleep for an hour or three and wake up to go run some errands or go for a walk.

Dinner starts at 9pm - sharp! This is usually a smaller meal, but every time I am full up to my ears!

Life here goes until the sun comes up the next morning. When my roomie and I returned from a night out with friends at 1:30am my Señora seemed worried.

Below are some pictures so far of my life here :) enjoy...

My desk/armoire

My armoire

My bed

Our room

The view from my window

Another view from my window

View of River Genil below my window

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