Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top Ten Things to Remember While in Granada

I really am not one to watch David Letterman, but I think that his Top 10 can be used perfectly in this case. Note: this post does not have any of my pictures. Sincerest apologizes.

10. Do not accept the rosemary from the woman on the street. These are not girfts from nice women, but sneaking ways to get money from the tourists. The gitana(gypsy) women hang out in heavily populated tourist areas and hand out small leaves of rosemary. Then, they take your hand and "read your palm". Once they are done "reading your palm" they continue holding on to your hand until you give them money. But, in gitano tradition, coins are a symbol of bad luck. So, you hand over a 5 Euro bill because that is the lowest denomination of paper Euro currency.

9. Time is relative. When someone says, "Just one minute", that really means, "I am planning on taking at least 5 to 10 minutes". And when someone says, "I'll be right there", it translates to, "It will take me about 30 minutes to arrive". For the Type B in me....I feel right at home.

8. Bring comfy shoes. Before you get an image in your head about the perfect pair of comfy shoes, I am going to squash that idea before it gets too serious. I apologize to all of the Keen supporters out there...but, please, keep those shoes back in the States. Shoes are a big deal in Spain. It is such a big deal that even a billion and one shoe stores can stay open...just in Granada. However, do not sacrifice cute for blisters. Maybe some pumas or comfy boots will do just fine. Tourists stick out like a sore thumb with their Keens or hardcore hiking boots.

7. Be ready to get blisters. And then be ready to pay for a pedicure. It truly is inevitable. Even if you walk a lot now, the roads here are different and wear your shoes and feet out differently.

6. No pasa nada. It is a perfect excuse for everything. Late for class, tripping someone on the sidewalk, not having enough money at a restaurant, taking annoying pictures, not doing your homework, and the list goes on. Good way to live life :)

5. Do not get pushed around the on the sidewalk. People tend to walk in the middle of the sidewalks and when in groups, they walk in a long line. They will not move for you. Even the polite hand nudge or the "perdón" will not get people to move. After the first time you push the parent with the huge stroller, or the little kid, or even the grandma to the side, it gets easier.

4. Bring around hand sanitizer. There have been so many times that you go to wash your hands at a restaurant or bar and there is no soap. Sick.

3. For the ladies: learn how to squat over the toilet. There is hardly ever an actually toilet seat in public restrooms.

2. Pañuelos! On the rare occasion that there is toilet paper in the bathroom you are ok, but the majority of the time they expect people to supply their own.

1. Most importantly...watch out for dog mierda! Almost everyone has a little dog here. And almost everyone lets their dogs crap where they please. One would think that the little dogs produce little piles....but I swear that these dogs are mutant or something...little piles are non-existent.

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